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Twelve Steps

The 12-steps of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) are the spiritual, not necessarily religious, foundation of the recovery program. The program addresses the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of recovery. The basis of the program is, simply, to help people stop drinking alcohol.The 12-steps are a guide to a new way of life for the alcoholic.

Recovery Wars

How to prevent relapse in recovery? Each stage of recovery has its own risks of relapse. Third, the main tools of relapse prevention are cognitive therapy and mind-body relaxation, which are used to develop healthy coping skills. Fourth, most relapses can be explained in terms of a few basic rules.


Surrender Acceptance and Action

In surrender mode, I’m calm, peaceful. Breathing deeply, present in the moment. I see clearly and my vision extends out around me, allowing me to (literally) see the bigger picture. So the great irony is that attempting to control things actually feels less in control. When I’m micro-managing and obsessing over details, I know I’m in my own way.


Higher Power

 Names that some people use to describe the higher power they believe in: For some people, a higher power is a deity or supernatural being. Others believe it is a supreme being that is greater than other gods. For some, it is a single, all-knowing god or a conception of the power of a god.


Courage to Change

Personal courage is not the absence of fear; rather, it is the ability to put fear aside and do what is necessary. It takes two forms, physical and moral. Good leaders demonstrate both. Physical courage is the bravery that allows a soldier to take risks in combat in spite of the fear of wounds or death.

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