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Steps Counseling

Steps to Recovery has several counseling methods that are aimed to give them the skills and knowledge to function in society


Therapist vs Councelor

What is the difference between a therapist and a counselor?

Therapists work to help their patients address similar issues, and often provide the same advice that counselors might. However, a key difference is that therapists often seek to go deeper by helping the patient understand the how and why behind a challenge.

Behavioral Therapy

What is behavioral therapy?

Behavior Therapy refers to a range of treatments and techniques which are used to change an individual's responses to specific situations. Altering the responses can often alleviate psychological distress and psychiatric problems.


 Reality Therapy

What theory is reality therapy?

Reality therapy views all behaviors as choices, which means that it doesn't consider mental conditions. It is based on a concept called choice theory, which says that humans only have five basic needs, all of which are genetically driven and can't be changed.

Systemic Therapy

What is a systemic approach?

This is a way of acting, thinking and viewing the world, which focuses on relationships and recognises that individuals are always embedded in their social context. Over time, relationship patterns both enable and limit processes of development and change.

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